Friday, 9 September 2011

Hello, and as Nikki says we are the Blogger Joggers of Red Lodge!

Soooo 1st post. I’ll start off with this lovely picture of some of the team. A not too scary bunch!!

We’ve set up this blog to keep all you visitors to the club up to date with what’s going on. So this might be runs that we have coming up, in the up and coming weeks or new events we have planned. Or what trainers to buy… which I am doing this weekend might a add. Never thought I would be so excited by a new pair of trainers. I’m hoping it will make me one crazy speedy lady.

For all you new runners... welcome and we really are a friendly bunch. We welcome a variety of levels and there is always someone to run with.

A bit of background: the club was originally set up by Alan and Jenny in the Summer 2010. Jenny and Alan are what I deem ‘expert’ runners, basically they have a wealth of experience and guidance. Their passion for running really does infuse and inspire you as individuals and the club. We are a sort of self run club in that we have a lot of individuals getting involved and helping. At present we have 25 members with regular new visitors. We don’t stipulate you have to come every week, we know that sometimes life gets in the way, but every Wednesday at 6.15pm there will always be a group meeting for a Run. Predominately we meet at the Red Lodge Pavilion,but in the future we might have new starting places so we see this blog as a way of keeping you up to date with that.


Jo Robinson said...

how far do you guys run when you get together?

Nikki said...

Hi ya Jo, our routes are about 6 miles, but we also have shorter versions too. Last week we ran to Freckenham & back, but not all us of made it all the way!! really you just run as far as you in an hour. Next week's long route is 7 miles (which is the furthest we've ever done) but we also have got a 3 miles shorter version - how far do you normally run?

Mikaela said...

Jo is that college Jo? If not ignore me! Nice to hear from a new person though!x