Friday, 16 September 2011

Kennet/Bridge End Run

Hi there Runners,

Here's the route for Wednesday the 21st September. It's the Kennett route that regulars have done before and it totals around 5.5 miles. 

The second route is 2.7 miles. Running down Green lane, turn left at the pub up Heath Farm road, over the bridge back on to the Freckenham road and ending at the Pavilion.

Also a bit of news... Alan told us about a 5mile run on Sunday 16th October at 11am, through Brandon country park. I think a few of us fancied it, so maybe we could share lifts. Let us know your thoughts, by leaving a comment below. Here is a link to the 'Brandon Fern Hoppers' website where you can find more information regarding it.

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