Thursday 26 January 2012

just a pair of knock knees!!!

Hi All,

Finally I've nailed my Knee problem 'Patellofemoral pain syndrome' also known as knock knees... ha ha!! Only I would have that problem, I knew I was a potential Phoebe from 'Friends' runner. I seem to tick all the boxes with what they say the problem is. But luckily there is a lot of advice out there. It seems I need to strengthen my abductors, gluts and hip muscles. All perfectly doable, I just need to get  to work quickly. 

For anyone that's interested this website gives useful info...,7120,s6-241-285--7773-0,00.html

On another note the AGM on Tuesday was very successful according to insider Nicola Nash. We will post details of what was discussed hsortly for those who could not attend.
Run on Sunday 29th January : The plan is to do the Tuddenham route. There will be three routes a 6, 8 and 12 mile route for all abilities. We will be meeting at 9am.

Hope to see you Sunday.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Sunday 22nd January

This Sunday there will be no Alan. But I'm looking to see who fancies it. As a compromise meet at 9am. The route is, run towards Kennett, turn right at the cross roads running past the church no turning until you get to junction. Turn left and run all of Kennett until you get to the Bell Inn, right at the Bell until you get to Moulton/Boys Grave Cross roads, turn left to Moulton and turn left again once in Moulton which will bring you back to Bell Inn Cross Roads and continue back the way we came.

This is 10.78 miles (so can be made longer). Shorter routes could involve running to Moulton cross roads and then turning back. Or turning left at Bell Inn, run to The Cock and turn left at the Cock crossroads, running back to Pavilion this way.

Any takers let me know!!

Friday 13 January 2012

What a bunch of convicts!

Hmmm I've decided this running gear is really not a good look for me, but in my addiction to running I'll probably carry on looking like a multi-coloured fluorescent numpty. So this is a photo of a few of us from the run last  sunday. Starting at Moulton we ran the three churches route, but unwillingly we carried on to Ashley and back to Moulton. Needless to say I moaned most of the way, as 'I'm just not used to these hills' and as Mark said 'I thought East Anglia was meant to be flat, to quote a few. But we all finished saying 'we enjoyed that'. So it was really good. 

Cancer Research Fundraising - Half Marathon

I took this picture as I wanted to add it to the fundraising page for our half marathon. But it's missing quite a few individuals from the 'Half Marathon Team' Nic, Sally, Kerry, Theana, Claire and Joyce. Where are you guys? Only joking. Here's a link to our fundraising page, if anyone wants to sponsor us it would be much appreciated. It's in aid of Cancer Research.

AGM Red Lodge Runners

On another note the AGM for Red Lodge runners is on the 24th January, 7pm at the Walnut Tree in Worlington. Everyone is welcome, with any thoughts and opinions. 

This Sunday's Run

Is meeting at the normal place, the Pavilion in Red Lodge leaving at 9.15am and it is the Tuddenham route this week. There will be long and short routes available.

Friday 6 January 2012

Sunday 8th January - RUN!

Hi All,

This Sunday we are meeting early for the Moulton Three Churches run. Setting off at 8.30 am promptly we are running the locally well known route that covers the churches of Moulton, Dalham and Gazeley.

 If you would like to go on the run leave a comment for more details.

Happy Running!!!

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Off road routes

Hi All,

Now I know I've gone from a two month break to bombarding you but like I said I have got my mojo back!!

I have just been looking at off road routes to vary what we are doing a little and found this great site where you can find local walks etc.

There are several walks on the website in surrounding villages. We have been talking about the Moulton Three Churches run for some time, it's about time we did it i think. This weekend?

But other than that there are some great routes all varying distnaces. Check it out...

This could give us the opportunity to get some new locations my knee is causing me pain, I thought an off road route could help.

Let me know if you like the look of any.


Tuesday 3 January 2012


Happy New Year

Hello my fellow runners...

I've been a bit naughty lately and not posted for a while. With Christmas and other of life's demands it's been a bit difficult, and I guess I've lost my blog posting mojo, but... I'm back :-)

So happy new year and may i say I'm quite excited!!!
Just 9 weeks to go until the Cambridge half marathon. We are all starting to gear up for it and even those not taking part have really gone for it on our weekend training runs. This weekend we had two groups one doing 6 miles and the other reaching 12 miles. It was a lovely run, a beautiful morning, great company and a great atmosphere.

I must say hello to any new runners or anybody that is potentially interested in joining. Don't let the '12 miles' alarm you if your new to the sport. We meet as standard on a Monday and Wednesday evening about 6.15pm onwards with a view to leave a 6.30pm. There are a wide variety of running abilities that attend and always someone to run with. Unfortunately due to the winter months we are limited to running a few routes around Red Lodge under street lights. But if you are new this is a good thing as you can build up your distance slowly for the spring where we tend to go further a field when the evening light allows us to. So I hope that gives you a bit of info. It's a great sport and a great club. I only joined the Red Lodge Runners in May 2011 after just running 2.5miles at the most on my todd! After joining the club I was really inspired by the passion from the groups leader Alan (he has been running about 40 years, don't quote me) and the encouragement of the clubs individuals. We are a great group of people and I really enjoy the club, there's a social element for me aswell. We had a fab christmas party last month.
              So on reflection what a great 7 months at the club I've had so far. I've gone from 2.5 miles on my own to running 12miles on Sunday. So many other individuals have progressed with their distances as well, it's great to see.

For the club it would be great if we could get entering some more races/fun runs maybe. For me I love to feel like I'm improving. I got a great book for Christmas about running so that's my current bed time reading. It has some really interesting stuff in there so I'll keep you posted with some interesting facts.

But for now I bid you farewell...phew I'm finished ha!

ps: Theana kindly shared a link for all those training. Here it is....