Friday, 13 January 2012

What a bunch of convicts!

Hmmm I've decided this running gear is really not a good look for me, but in my addiction to running I'll probably carry on looking like a multi-coloured fluorescent numpty. So this is a photo of a few of us from the run last  sunday. Starting at Moulton we ran the three churches route, but unwillingly we carried on to Ashley and back to Moulton. Needless to say I moaned most of the way, as 'I'm just not used to these hills' and as Mark said 'I thought East Anglia was meant to be flat, to quote a few. But we all finished saying 'we enjoyed that'. So it was really good. 

Cancer Research Fundraising - Half Marathon

I took this picture as I wanted to add it to the fundraising page for our half marathon. But it's missing quite a few individuals from the 'Half Marathon Team' Nic, Sally, Kerry, Theana, Claire and Joyce. Where are you guys? Only joking. Here's a link to our fundraising page, if anyone wants to sponsor us it would be much appreciated. It's in aid of Cancer Research.

AGM Red Lodge Runners

On another note the AGM for Red Lodge runners is on the 24th January, 7pm at the Walnut Tree in Worlington. Everyone is welcome, with any thoughts and opinions. 

This Sunday's Run

Is meeting at the normal place, the Pavilion in Red Lodge leaving at 9.15am and it is the Tuddenham route this week. There will be long and short routes available.

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Kerry said...

It was a lovely morning for a run I did a VERY slow 8 miles really enjoyed it .