Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sunday 22nd January

This Sunday there will be no Alan. But I'm looking to see who fancies it. As a compromise meet at 9am. The route is, run towards Kennett, turn right at the cross roads running past the church no turning until you get to junction. Turn left and run all of Kennett until you get to the Bell Inn, right at the Bell until you get to Moulton/Boys Grave Cross roads, turn left to Moulton and turn left again once in Moulton which will bring you back to Bell Inn Cross Roads and continue back the way we came.

This is 10.78 miles (so can be made longer). Shorter routes could involve running to Moulton cross roads and then turning back. Or turning left at Bell Inn, run to The Cock and turn left at the Cock crossroads, running back to Pavilion this way.

Any takers let me know!!

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