Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello my fellow runners...

I've been a bit naughty lately and not posted for a while. With Christmas and other of life's demands it's been a bit difficult, and I guess I've lost my blog posting mojo, but... I'm back :-)

So happy new year and may i say I'm quite excited!!!
Just 9 weeks to go until the Cambridge half marathon. We are all starting to gear up for it and even those not taking part have really gone for it on our weekend training runs. This weekend we had two groups one doing 6 miles and the other reaching 12 miles. It was a lovely run, a beautiful morning, great company and a great atmosphere.

I must say hello to any new runners or anybody that is potentially interested in joining. Don't let the '12 miles' alarm you if your new to the sport. We meet as standard on a Monday and Wednesday evening about 6.15pm onwards with a view to leave a 6.30pm. There are a wide variety of running abilities that attend and always someone to run with. Unfortunately due to the winter months we are limited to running a few routes around Red Lodge under street lights. But if you are new this is a good thing as you can build up your distance slowly for the spring where we tend to go further a field when the evening light allows us to. So I hope that gives you a bit of info. It's a great sport and a great club. I only joined the Red Lodge Runners in May 2011 after just running 2.5miles at the most on my todd! After joining the club I was really inspired by the passion from the groups leader Alan (he has been running about 40 years, don't quote me) and the encouragement of the clubs individuals. We are a great group of people and I really enjoy the club, there's a social element for me aswell. We had a fab christmas party last month.
              So on reflection what a great 7 months at the club I've had so far. I've gone from 2.5 miles on my own to running 12miles on Sunday. So many other individuals have progressed with their distances as well, it's great to see.

For the club it would be great if we could get entering some more races/fun runs maybe. For me I love to feel like I'm improving. I got a great book for Christmas about running so that's my current bed time reading. It has some really interesting stuff in there so I'll keep you posted with some interesting facts.

But for now I bid you farewell...phew I'm finished ha!

ps: Theana kindly shared a link for all those training. Here it is....


Nicola nash said...

Mikaela, your write up is great, you could get yourself a job as editor of one of the Nationals :) although I would miss you haha!

Mikaela said...

ha ha just a load a babble...I try!!!!

Sarah J said...

Well done Mikaela...12 miles!!