Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Our new Monday runs are proving to be a success....we have nearly as many runners turn up on a Monday as we do on Wednesday's, which us great and for the last 6 weeks we had a new attender every week...we are just growing & growing :)

There's another Sunday run this weekend (7th) meeting at the Pavilion at 9.15am, a little bit later than usual as Alan's can't make 8 o/c - I'm not complaining and might even attend this one!!

We will be running the Tuddenham route, but keeping to the roads this time. This will make it a bit further, between 7 -7.5 miles - That will certainly kick start your Sunday!!!

And Sunday morning are FREE :)

On another note, a few people have said they can't write comments on here...I know absoluting nothing about blogs, infact it's probably me that's messed it up....but we'll get it sorted :)


nikki said...
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Kerry said...

Really enjoyed this Sunday's run. Was the furthest i'v run to date.