Thursday, 20 October 2011

Challenge...GO Team!

...the challenge, no it's not olympic weight lifting but I think a few of us might be pulling those faces in the run up to the Cambridge half marathon. Grimacing in the cold winter months, but goodness we will feel a sense of achievement afterwards. Plus my thinking is we will burn of that christmas turkey much quicker.

So I think we are verging on 15 sign up's to the Cambridge half marathon. Woooo crazy, but great effort and it will be great for us to train together and to have a goal in sight. I am actually a little giddy with excitement with it.

Last night's 'effort' work, the evening which was a little cold (and we haven't even got past October yet) and well my legs... a little sore but hey i thought it was fun. I think from Alan's explanation that type of training helps us push ourselves as we have a shorter distance to run.

In other news...

Alan is meeting at the Pavilion on Sunday at 8am for a rough 6-7 miler if anyone's interested. I am slightly tempted. Nic, Kerry, Rachel and I are doing the Cambridge Parkrun on Saturday, if anyone is interested comment below. This is a 5k route.

Anyway I better shoot only 30mins for lunch. Mikaela x

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