Monday, 3 October 2011

Routes for week commencing 3rd October - Monday and Wednesday

Hi Guys,

I know I promised this on Saturday but I was having internet problems. So here goes.

Two routes as always a 3 mile for the short route and 6 miles for the longer route.

Short route

Pavilion to the green lane roundabout, down Warren road, to A11 roundabout, left down turnpike road to the round, turn round back to the A11 roundabout, to the Kings Warren roundabout and back to the Pavilion.

Long route

Sorry no time to describe, lunch break is over! Have a look at the red Lodge facebook group for detailed directions and see you tonight.

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nikki said...

Our first Monday night run was a success with 12 runners attending. Was a really nice route, making the most of getting out of the village before it gets too dark.

Last Wednesday we had our best turn out yet with 23 runners!!! - can't wait to see if we keep the numbers up tonight!