Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Shoes...No not heels, trainers!

Howdy Guys…
So I’ve had a great day today, actually so much fun. I went for a shopping splurge on running stuff, after months of Alan telling me off for having such bad trainers… (and they really were bad, I was quite embarrassed by them) I went armed with my birthday pennies prepared to spend.
So first off I went to ‘The Sweat Shop” in Cambridge (located at David Lloyd Gym). I went there because I had a £15 off trainer’s vouchers from doing my first Cambridge Parkrun.
(They give each new attendee a voucher). I did really want to go and support the independent specialist running shops such as ‘Runnability’ in Bury St Edmunds, but due to being a poor Junior Designer I was sold on the voucher. Next time, promise!!!
Anyway back to the matter in hand I also wanted the ‘Motion Analysis’ on my running (which both shops offer). It was great; if you’ve not had it done I would highly recommend it. They put me in a pair of neutral trainers and I ran on a treadmill at my own pace while they videoed me. After, they showed me the video, slowing it down to indicate the direction of my foot and what kind of runner I am. It turns out I am slightly pronate (see picture). You can see the ankle and ultimately the leg rolls inwards. This is quite common (I’m told).

I also apparently turn the front of my foot inwards…this is RARE! As I am. I have visions of me looking like Phoebe from friends running now, so if you see me…don’t laugh.

To the important stuff... From this the super helpful shop assistant Will brought out 3 pairs of trainers for me to try. A pair of Nike LunarEclipse, Mizuno and the well known Asics. After trying them on and having the motion sensor, the best support for me and my pronation were by far the Nike LunarEclipse, they have great support and were so comfortable. I then went on the tredmil and after the video playback showed with split screen the comparison between the first ‘neutral’ shoe and the Nikey’s and it was so noticeable.
So guys and gals let’s hope I’m suddenly a great runner ha ha, although I can’t imagine trainers will solve my stitch problem.
In conclusion SweatShop at Cambridge were great and I would highly recommend it. After coming home I suddenly realised I should of asked for the video’s to show you all but unfortunately by the time I had called and after a very busy Saturday my video’s were no more. But Will welcomed me back to try again absolutely free of charge no obligation…as they always do.
Also if anyone wants a £15 voucher for shoes I have another going spare, or alternatively take part in the Cambridge ParkRun!!!
 See you next Wednesday


nikki said...

hmmm...maybe it's time for me to move on from Sportsworld and get some 'proper' trainers then! I bet you cant wait to try them out :) did you get your high Vis too?? otherwise your in trouble Wilson!!

Grebe Angling Club said...

Also try Advanced Performance, I had a fitting when I was suffering from knee injury after recommendation from my physio who I saw for ITBS. I tried on 13 different pairs of shoes! Stating in a neutral then differing support until I found one that was right. Best £90 I'v spent. J

Georgie said...

I've tried one of those machines before too.. they're really good! If you aren't ready to buy new trainers yet they also offer trainer insoles which can adjust your shoe as well.

Mikaela said...

Got a high Vis don't you worry Nic, although it's a long sleeve number so i mite be a bit hot o well.

GAC: 13 different pairs of shoes crazy, but great you found the pair for you. Can't wait to test mine out tomorrow and see how I get on.

Georgie I didn't know that sounds like a good idea!

Mikaela said...